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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Birthday Wishes!

Happy Birthday Kelli! Last year, Kelli celebrated her birthday on March 15th, and we were fortunate to still be in Munising to help her celebrate her 8th birthday. Gramma Patsy bought a Littlest Pet Shop toy for Braden to give to Kelli. We wrapped it and talked all morning about how we were going to go to Kelli's for her birthday party and have cake! B sure loved his sweets. -sidebar- He SO loved his sweets that when Gramma Patsy came around, B would somehow get to eat her famous cookies morning, noon, and night :) We ended up giving up on nap time as B was just too excited for the party - after numerous attempts, up the stairs to tuck him back in, snuggle him up with his blanky, doggy, Dora, Diego, and other Diego, we finally gave in - to Kelli's we went! B had a ball playing with all of the toys at Carla's and following Kelli wherever she went. He helped her open up her gifts and even snuggled with her in her new comforter. I dedicate this post not only to Kelli but to all who were touched in some way by B's smile, wit, charm, and loving spirit. Carla has told me how Kelli has a box for Braden where she puts things that remind her of B. She once told Carla that her comforter has Braden sprinkles on it b/c of how he had himself wrapped up in it at her birthday party. This makes my heart smile, yet it also makes it hurt knowing how many people were affected and saddened by B's sudden loss.

There are so many who have reached out to share their own special stories of B - you have either written them here on the blog or through e-mail. It means so much to hear how much B has touched your life in one way or another.

Tonight, I will leave you with pics from that special birthday party. Happy birthday Kelli - may you feel a gentle breeze against your cheek to let you know B is always near.


Blogger Carla Erickson said...

Thank you Steph. Such a beautiful tribute to that day. Kelli was *SO* excited to have B at her party, excited beyond words. So many little reminders of B bring her (and the rest of us) comfort....the Braden box, his pictures, her B.G. bears, a bed full of Braden sprinkles (which NEVER come out in the wash), a random ladybug sighting and the funny stories she likes to tell of the times she was fortunate enough to spend with him. B touched so many lives...both young and old and is missed so, so much. Love and hugs....Carla

9:20 AM  
Anonymous Kelli Erickson said...

Thank you for the birthday wishes. On my birthday I saw a ladybug and Mom said it was Braden saying happy birthday.I love him and miss him so much

love Kelli

6:41 PM  

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