Baby Braden Petska

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Giving Thanks...

Loving his Auntie Marci!

Lounging in his pj's

Trying out a delicious chocolate treat!

Getting one last good-bye squeeze!

Hello everyone,

Sorry for the delayed update, but "someone" has been keeping us quite busy these days :) Everyday seems to be something new and definitely enjoyable. It's amazing how much these little ones understand language before they're able to fully communicate. When given certain commands (mostly to get a particular toy or book), Braden will perform what you ask of him. He blinks his eyes shut when you ask him where his eye are and tries to say "achoo" when you ask about his nose. Some of his new facial expression are priceless. We just had a 15 month appointment for B and all good news. He is still in the 50th percentile for height and weight along with a 75th percentile placement for his noggin. He is trying to get over a head cold. With the congestion and drainage, he is coughing which makes us so, so nervous. The doctor has reassured us that his lungs are clear....phew! He is still getting his RSV synagis, but the cold/flu season still pose a risk for him. We have been pretty lucky as this is really only the 2nd time he's ever been sick. Along with the head cold, he's getting all 4 canines (the fangs)as well. These teeth have probably been the worst for him as far as giving him any pain...poor guy!

The pics today are from this past weekend. Grandma Patsy and Auntie Marci came down to visit. They were able to watch him all day on Friday, and of course had a ball with Braden. They haven't seem walk yet, so they were having lots of fun with Mr. Mobile.

With this post comes the opportunity to be thankful for so much this year. 2007 has definitely been a year of sunshine and smiles for us. It has been a year of growth, progress, and good health. It has been a surgery-free year that we've embraced and celebrate. We give thanks to so many wonderful family and friends who have surrounded us and offered their support along the way. Our charity kick-off was an amazing success, and we are so grateful to be given the opportunity to help out so many other families. We give thanks to our amazing heart families who have helped guide our strength and stability over the past 15 months. You continue to give us hope and inspiration everyday....thank you!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and may you feast in the comfort and presence of family and friends!
The Petska Family

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Happy November!

--Yes, I got a post in on time! As Halloween came and went, we were able to embrace every minute of it without reflecting too much on last year's "blur." Last year was so incredibly different - it seemed as if fall just swirled around, passing us by, denying us a chance to jump in and enjoy the season. This year, it was great to greet the trick or treaters with Braden. He got the idea down pretty fast and helped us open the door (yes, he can reach the door handle) to greet the kids. He would open the door, peak out, jabber away and then close the door again. He squealed with excitement when he saw an Elmo costume walk up the driveway. He'd even wave when the kids would leave...too cute! We didn't take Braden out to get candy this year....we just dressed him up to greet the treaters and then went to visit some relatives with his costume on. I think next year he'll be all about the candy :)

--Braden is cruising all over...he's more apprehensive though on the wood floor as he's wiped out many times. Just tonight, he has learned how to stand up from a sit/squat position....yeah! Yes, I do miss those exercauser, jump-a-roo, and swing days, but we're so excited for B to reach this milestone. He jabbers so much, it sounds like he's saying certain phrases but it's so hard to tell. His latest is saying, tickle, tickle, tickle. He likes to do this when we rock at night and he tickles my neck - he thinks it's so funny.
Thanks for checking in and have a great week,
Love The Petska's

-wicked morning "do"!
-looks like mommy needs a few carving lessons!
-could I PLEASE get a new hat this year?