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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Happy November!

--Yes, I got a post in on time! As Halloween came and went, we were able to embrace every minute of it without reflecting too much on last year's "blur." Last year was so incredibly different - it seemed as if fall just swirled around, passing us by, denying us a chance to jump in and enjoy the season. This year, it was great to greet the trick or treaters with Braden. He got the idea down pretty fast and helped us open the door (yes, he can reach the door handle) to greet the kids. He would open the door, peak out, jabber away and then close the door again. He squealed with excitement when he saw an Elmo costume walk up the driveway. He'd even wave when the kids would leave...too cute! We didn't take Braden out to get candy this year....we just dressed him up to greet the treaters and then went to visit some relatives with his costume on. I think next year he'll be all about the candy :)

--Braden is cruising all over...he's more apprehensive though on the wood floor as he's wiped out many times. Just tonight, he has learned how to stand up from a sit/squat position....yeah! Yes, I do miss those exercauser, jump-a-roo, and swing days, but we're so excited for B to reach this milestone. He jabbers so much, it sounds like he's saying certain phrases but it's so hard to tell. His latest is saying, tickle, tickle, tickle. He likes to do this when we rock at night and he tickles my neck - he thinks it's so funny.
Thanks for checking in and have a great week,
Love The Petska's

-wicked morning "do"!
-looks like mommy needs a few carving lessons!
-could I PLEASE get a new hat this year?


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