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Sunday, October 28, 2007

An Update....Finally!

Hello everyone,
--Wow, how time flies....Braden is now 14 months and WALKING!!! It took him the longest time to build that confidence to just let go and GO! He showed us a few times that he could take about 5-6 steps, and then he'd stop and crawl. On Thursday, Rich and I bribed the heak out of him to walk to us back and forth across the living room. He finally did it and has been letting go of the furniture and cruising on his own. He looks like a little frankenstein, trying to maintain the balance....too cute! Watch out Snickers, here comes Braden!
--Grandma and Grandpa LaCombe came down last weekend and gave Braden lots of lovin'. Braden even called grandpa "papa." Here are some pics of last weekend and a few of him today all dressed up in his costume. We went to a Halloween party today at the Rybarik's....great treats and lots of fun. Daddy is paying for the "no afternoon nap" right now as Braden is having a difficult time getting to sleep. Enjoy the pics and we'll try to update sooner next time! Happy Halloween!
--Thank you for your prayers....Maddison and Grayson are both out of the hospital and doing well.
Love, The Petska's may notice B's funky left eye....major eye poke + blood thinner med = bloodshot eye!

Hanging out with papa and my Halloween gift
from Auntie Marci (Ratzo).

Riding my zebra!

Singing along with Papa!

Daddy, I'm not a pumpkin head!
Mommy and Tyrone the Moose from Backyardigans.


Anonymous Melissa Braden said...

Too cute! Man he is getting so big. Steph you look great!!

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