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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Zoo Playdate!

Hello everyone,
--Another week has flown by and it's less than a week away from the fundraiser and only 12 days from Braden's first birthday. It's amazing how fast this year has flown. Planning and organizing this fundraiser has been a great way for Rich and I to absorb as much positive energy as we can into something that has changed our path in life. As we can't imagine Braden being any different than who he is now, we can't see any other way we'd focus our energy than in a positive way. We're so fortunate to have so many people who have supported us and helped us with our charity efforts....we wouldn't be here without you!

--This weekend Braden and mom met up with heart pal, Super Sam, and his mom to have a playdate at the Milwaukee Zoo while dad and Grandpa Harvey worked hard to finish up some last minute house projects. It was fun to see the boys make funny faces at each other and enjoying some of the animals at the zoo. Of course, Braden's a little young to spot some of the smaller and hidden animals, but he loved the elephants:) This also gave Erika and myself a chance to catch up and share stories of the boys and their latest "tricks." We look forward to seeing the Slagers next week at the fundraiser.

--Here are some pics of Braden at the zoo with pal, Sam. The other pic is a classic one of Braden during dinner. I guess he's too cool now for mom to feed him....he'll spit out his food into his hand and re-feed himself. This, of course, leaves a nice little mess to clean up :) His latest new trick is what daddy calls "piggy face 2.0" This is where Braden puts his hand up to his nose to pinch it off and make a snorting sound.....too funny!

--Heart buddy update: Thanks to all of you who have kept our special friends in your prayers. Gabe is home....yeah! No changes with Maddison....I'll keep you posted when they update with any surgery details....for now, she's able to stay home, gain weight and allow her heart to grow. Carter and the Solgos family will also be joining us on Saturday for the golf outing. Also, at this time, we'd like to wish our little pal Evan G. a happy first birthday!

--Our number of golfers along with additional dinner guests keeps increasing....yeah! We might have over 200 people attending our fundraiser....WOW! If you're still interested in golf or dinner, please contact us at so we can reserve you a spot.

--Enjoy your week and we'll be excited to update next week with all of the fundraiser fun!
Love, Steph, Rich, and Braden


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