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Sunday, July 15, 2007


Hello everyone,
--Here are a few pics of Braden beachin' it today for the first time. You could tell who the only non-beach going family was at the beach today as we had the fairest skin of them all :) Braden ventured in the water and did well staying on his blanket - avoiding goose poop and cigarette butts (a little disappointed in the lack of care our local beach gets). Braden had his first sleepover on Saturday, allowing mom & dad a night out with friends. Even though he was only 10 minutes away at Grandma and Grandpa's, it was tough for us to be away from Braden for the first time (excluding hospital stays). I found myself searching for something of his to smell before I went to sleep....I guess that's crazy mom-love for ya!
-- Braden is 11 months on Tuesday...yikes! That means the big 1 yr birthday is right around the corner. I can't even believe it.
--Our guest list is increasing for the golf outing....keep 'em coming :)
Have a great week,
Love, The Petska's
--PS... Kiddo Updates: Gabe's surgery was a success. His recovery is going well. Thank you for keeping him and his family in your prayers. He does have a carepage ( if you would like to read their updates. His carepage name is: gabejohnson
AND, get this....Baby Maddison got to home on Friday. What a miracle she has been. Her CHD is not HLHS, so her 1st surgery has been postponed until a later date (unkown at this time). She has a caringbridge site: Thank you for keeping this lil' peanut in your prayers as well.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hard to believe that he will be one year old in August. He will be fishing before you know it. I enjoyed 8 hours on Monday and 5 hours of fishing today with our two granddaughters Brianna(11) and Alyssa(8) knowing that in a few years they may not have the time to fish with Gramps.
We sure enjoy reading your comments and viewing the nice pictures in the blog.

Grandpa Dale

9:28 PM  

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