Baby Braden Petska

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Look out world...... comes Braden! 9 months and crawling!!!!! PT Jeanne is going to be so happy when she sees us on Wednesday! We were given the PT update last week that Braden is "up to speed" with all of his milestones except for crawling. It's amazing the progress he has made since PT has worked with him. Thank goodness for this birth - 3 program....we wouldn't have know where to start with helping him gain his strength and motivation to move!!! Let us also not forget that God blessed this boy with an extra large helping of determination and tenacity! Go Braden!

Pediatrician report: Braden is now 20 lbs 8oz....both height and weight are in the 50th percentile.....right on target :-) We're all caught up on immunizations, and the next appointment isn't until he's 12 months. Seems like a big break, but August 17th will be here before we know it.

We're excited to say that next weekend we're making trip #2 to the U.P. We'll finally get to meet cousin Ivan and squeeze those big cheeks of his :)

Tonight we had over the Heart of Gold Charity board members to discuss our golf outing set for August 11th. We hope to have all of the registration information out soon....we'll definitely blog and send e-mails to spread the word when it's all set to sign up! For those looking into hotel/camping accommodations, we've set aside some rooms at a hotel nearby. We also know of a few state campgrounds in the area. We'll have that info. out real soon as well. If you're itchin' for the accommodation info. a little sooner, feel free to contact us at, and we'll help guide you in the right direction. Thank you to our board members for coming over and helping out tonight.

Thanks again for checking in.

Until next week.....

Love the Petska's


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok, sign me up for one of those blog-a-holic shirts! It was great to get together and brainstorm about the golf outing. Remember, there are bunches of people willing to help with the leg-work! I'm one of them!! Braden is one special little guy and so are his parents. Thanks for letting me share in your lives!
Love & Blessings,

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