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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Braden's Baptism

Hello all,
Braden's first big road trip was a success! He was a very good boy during the entire 5.5 hr trip :-) He has also done well with the time change, schedule being out of wack, different bed/surroundings, and all of the new faces admiring his chubby cheeks and big, blue eyes. Today was another celebration in Braden's life. We celebrated the gift of life and of course the many hopes and promises God has planned for Braden's future. It was so nice to see many of the family and friends at Eden today who prayed for Braden's recovery and who continue to pray for his heart and health.

The pictures of the baptism show Braden with mom, dad, Uncle Nick and Aunt Marci (Godparents), and Pastor Lynn Hubbard. The other pics are of Braden with his roadie shirt and a great shot of him rockin' with G'pa Greg.

We're enjoying our time in the U.P., and G'ma Patsy and G'pa Greg are in their glory. It has been so nice for us to finally be able to share Braden with the many relatives he has not met yet...Cousin Jacob being one of them. Hopefully next week we'll have some pics of them two meeting.....too sweet!

Rich's and G'ma Lois's trip to CHW on Wednesday with Braden went well. Rich reported some neat things that speech, OT, and PT did to evaluate Braden. He's up to par with everything except speech. That may be because he talks with his mouth weird as it sounds, it's true. He could be a ventriloquist! We will probably continue to follow up with PT through our county's birth - 3 program just to work on tummy time and other tricks to get him stronger. Dr. Cava was pleased to see Braden's growth and progress. Braden is now 18.3 lbs, 28 inches. We are now on more captopril....this means a less amount of bp meds less often :-)

One last thing...Braden now has THREE teeth!

Well, that's all. Thanks again to everyone in the UP who came to celebrate Braden's baptism today.
Love and good night,
Steph, Rich, and Braden


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Petska Family,
I can't believe you took time to post while in MI. Looks as though everyone is having a great time! I love the pic of Braden with the guitar and grandpa! Safe travels on the was home.
Love & Blessings,
Dennis and Lisa

11:59 AM  

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