Baby Braden Petska

Sunday, February 25, 2007

2/25/07 Update

Things continue to go pretty well here. Braden is really cutting some teeth now, he has been so cranky the last two days. Nothing a little shot of whiskey can't cure!

Just kidding don't call DCFS...

Braden has acquired a new nickname this week, "Ironlips." He clamps his little lips down so tight when he doesn't want to take his medicine. There is no way you can get the syringe in there then. It all started after going on the Captipril, it must be nasty tasting. He also scrunches up his face too, he looks like a little old man.

He is also turning into a jumping machine in his Jumparoo. He gets to jumping and squealing like a little pig. He loves it and makes a lot of noise, so then I turn the TV up to hear it and he likes that, thus he starts making more noise.

Braden also had a big exciting outing Friday night to the Regional Finals in North Boone. He wasn't a big fan of the horn. He would make a sour face and squawk every time it went off. Braden, Mom, and Uncle Nick then had to drive home in a blizzard. So it was a pretty adventurous trip and a late night for the little guy.

Now that hoops is over we should be getting out and about more.




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