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Sunday, January 21, 2007

We're not here to cause no trouble.....

we're just here to do the Superbowl Shuffle!

That's right Blog-A-Holics your stuck with me this week. I kicked Steph (the blog-a-hogg) off the blog for this weeks edition.

Hope things are going as well out there as they are here with Braden. He continues to grow and learn and get stronger everyday.

This week he started rolling over to avoid his dreaded tummy time. I don't think we will be seeing him rolling from his back to his stomach anytime soon that's for sure.

He continues to log more and more time in his exer-saucer working on that neck strength.
As you can tell from the photo he pretty much ignores the toys and gadgets around him and loves to chew on this poor little giraffe's head.

I picked that thing up the other day and it was soaked like a big slobbering dog just got done with it.

This week he also started in on eating new foods! He started eating sweet potatoes!

The pic says it all!

This was fun....
He is doing really well with it, and chows right down.

Braden had some visitors this weekend in from the UP, Great Auntie Chris and Uncle Steve stopped by on their way back from visiting Baby Ivan in Kentucky. Uncle Steve told Braden all his fishing stories and some stories about Grandpa Greg during the 1970's. Braden told Uncle Steve he needs to buy a bigger fishing boat before next summer so he can take out his 3 new little fishing buddies.

Grandma Patsy and Aunt Marci may be in town next weekend too. He's excited!

This pic is of Braden imitating the hard-partying Bears fans on TV after a big touchdown!

TV is such a bad influence.....

On a serious note if everyone could say a prayer for Braden's buddy Carter he is having his surgery on Weds. Be strong Carter we'll be thinking of you.

Have a great week everyone, stop by and visit us anytime.

Take care,


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What scares me the most is that YOU know the words to the "Superbowl Shuffle". YIKES! Love the pictures - bring on the peas :) Love you all, Anna & the kids

8:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Look out for those sweet potatoes!
Braden is a "love bug" he looks so healthy and happy. It was nice to see him at the Christmas tourny .. It's a great year, the CARDS won, Volleyball got 3rd and the BEARS are next and so are the Hornets!
We continue to keep you all in our thoughts!
Roger, Kathy & Emily Nolen

2:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just stoping by to say hi...Braden you are making your parents so proud..... GOD IS AWSOME.

Love from Uncle Pete and Auntie Irma.

10:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rich & Braden - Congrats on your Bears win. I'm enjoying the pics you are posting. Looking forward to seeing him over Easter. Hi to Steph too.
Love, Auntie Sis

11:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We are all caught up in the 6th season of American Idol, but with his love for DA BEARS and his singing ability, Braden is already our American Idol for enduring these first few months of his life but also for touching each one of us in a special way.
Cheryl took our grandgirls Alyssa (7) and Brianna (10) to see Charlotte's Web yesterday but after reading the latest on Braden's adventures and desires ( new fishing boat for Uncle Steve so he can take his 3 new friends fishing)I would have to say that we are all spinning in Braden's WEB as we all look forward to his weekly progress reports posted on his Blog.
God bless you little man and if Uncle Steve doesn't take you fishing, Uncle Dale will certainly spend a weekend teaching you the walleye techniques in his retirement boat on Lake Michigan.
Love always, Uncle Dale and Aunt Cheryl

7:01 PM  

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