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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Carter Update

Carter's surgery has been postponed. I will post when I know the date of his surgery.
Thanks, Steph

Prayer Request: posted on 1-09-07
Our friends, the Solgos's, will be taking their son, Carter, to Lutheran General tomorrow for an open heart surgery. He is just two years old. The surgery is a bit complicated to explain, but the goal is to get Carter's heart to beat at a "normal" rate and establish "normal" rhythm. Just last March, Carter went in for his first open heart surgery. After this surgery, his heart rate and rhythm decided not to cooperate. Carter has tried many medications (some of them being very dangerous for a kiddo his age), and has undergone other procedures to try and correct this. After much frustration and many days/nights spent in the hospital, they are hoping and praying that tomorrow's procedure will work. Please pray for sweet, little Carter as he endures another procedure to try and correct his heart. Please pray for the strength of his parents as well.

Thank you so much,
PS.....I went to college with Erika Solgos. Her maiden name was Erika Lukas for any of you Carthage Alum reading this.


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