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Monday, February 19, 2007

6 Months and Echocardiogram Checkup Results

Well we decided to post today, so we could report on our cardiologist visit and echo. Dr. Cava was very pleased with Braden’s heart function and his O2 saturation (89%). He does have a small tricuspid valve leak, but that is very common after the Glen. Braden was Mr. Crabs after the echo due to the effects of the sedation they use during the echo.

After he was back to his "usual" state, he was able to show off his grabbing and chewing abilities - he had half of Dr. Cava’s tie in his mouth before the doc realized it. We discussed Braden’s future and the “latest and greatest” research that’s out there for these single ventricle kiddos. There’s still so much uncertainty with where Braden’s heart will take him 10-20 years from now, but we’re very hopeful that medical advancements will give him the longevity to live forever – okay, maybe not forever :-) We have a few med changes. We were on a single ventricle study drug since the Norwood. It was Enalypril vs Placebo. The study is to see if a blood pressure med like Enalypril will have positive, lasting effects on single ventricle kids (Some complicated remodeling physiology stuff...). Although Braden was doing well with the study, Dr. Cava felt more comfortable knowing he was actually on a bp med. We are now on Captopril. We go back for another visit in April. Having a 2 month reprieve was nice, and we were actually excited for the trip to CHW today - as weird as that may sound!

Braden is currently 17 lbs. 2 ozs and 27 inches long. He is where he should be on the growth chart, and he seems to amaze our pediatrician every time she sees him.

Since the news article and announcement of our charity we have received a lot of positive feedback. Our social worker at CHW told us that there is definitely a great need for something like this at the hospital. We are very excited about the possibilities of helping those in need, because we know what it is like in the first overwhelming days at the hospital.

Braden is also turning into quite the little drummer. He is constantly pounding on stuff with his left hand. Which is good - we could use a lefty around here and so could the Cubs....

Here are some new pics of our little ham....he's getting to be quite the little charmer these days with that million dollar smile :-)

Love, Steph, Rich & Braden


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Grandpa Dale really enjoys reading the Blog News especially the creative writing ability and Braden's adorable pictures. While watching the grandgirls Monday during President's Day, we all started laughing during a Michigan Rummy game and continued to laugh until we almost cried.
My positive outlook on raising kids and now grandkids has always included telling jokes, teasing and laughing during our special times together. Braden's Blog and his many different positive smiles reminds me of how blessed we are just to know that he is a gift from God as he continues to touch us all in a very special way.
Gramma Cheryl and I wish we could join the long line of family and friends that will be standing outside of Gramma Patsy and Grandpa Greg's house on March 31 just to get a hug or two from this miracle baby but we will be in Nashville and Kentucky but this summer I plan on getting my hugs and kisses from Braden when he makes another stop at the Chocolay Street gathering place.
God Bless those fine parents for the excellant job during the last 6 months.
Love always Grampa Dale and Gramma Cheryl from Kingsford

10:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's see - what have I missed! Happy Ground Hog Day, Happy Valentine's Day, Happy St. Patrick's Day and here's to a very Happy Easter! I just got caught up on the Blogs and like the others, the video you made left me in tears. What a heart-warming tribute to all of you and all that you have been through together. My love to all of you on this special weekend in Munising when Braden will be christened. Wish I could be there, but you all will be close to my heart and in my thoughts. Have a wonderful time with Grandma and Grandpa LaCombe and the rest of the family. We're looking forward to seeing you all in person! Much love, Cousin Bonnie and Louie, too!

5:24 PM  

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