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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Many Firsts....

Our "big" lil' guy continues to amaze us. He now has 4 teeth - 3 on the bottom and 1 HUGE top tooth. He's tolerated them coming in pretty well. I think the U.P. was a great distraction for him :-) The rest of our trip went really well. We got a lot of visiting in with relatives and friends. He was pretty pooped by the time we left....he tolerated the car ride home and was a trooper! Uncle Nick rode with us, so we were packed in tight with having to "pack the house" in our Suby. The top 3 pics are some of my favorite. Braden is getting to meet Cousin Jacob. We put them in the chair together, and Braden is seen trying to console Jacob. Braden got a little concerned when Jacob wouldn't stop crying, and the adults were busy snapping pictures. Pretty soon, the big, pouty face comes out and Braden starts to cry. One of those, "had to be there" moments!

Since we've been home, Braden saw his pediatrician and received his last and final RSV synage (until next winter). She also gave us the okay on starting to feed him "real" food. We started slow and have been giving him graham crackers as a snack. Of course I'm a nervous nilly, so I sit and stare as he gums the cracker to mush - this then travels everywhere but in the tummy :-) Our doc also told us we could start on a sippy cup. He had lots of fun with this...he considers it a new chew toy than a source of liquid. AND, how can I forget....he rolled over from back to tummy....YEAH!!! This is a huge accomplishment for Braden as he hates being on his tummy not to mention the slightly large noggin that holds him down a bit. He first rolled last Monday, and we've been trying all week to get him to continue his new trick. No such luck until today. It's still hard for him, but you can see the determination. Of course, dad and I are the mean parents who move his toys out of reach so he has no choice but to roll to get them. PT comes on Wednesday to work with him...hopefully she's as impressed as we are with his new moves.

Rich and I have been pretty productive this weekend with the house and organizing stuff. Uncle Bob and Grandpa Harvey helped us out on Saturday with some bar building. Tomorrow, it's back to work....spring break is over :-( However, we get this Friday off and my school also takes off the Monday after Easter :-)

Well, that's all for now. Thanks for checking in on us.
Love the Petska's


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sunday,,,time to enjoy looking at Braden...he is growing so fast.
We love the picture of Braden and grampa Greg with the guitar..
thank you for sharing with us all his moments.

love Uncle Pete & auntie Irma

11:40 PM  

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