Baby Braden Petska

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Hello Everyone,
Didn't get the camera out much this week, so these are some random pics of the day. The bath one was appropriate as it's definitely Braden's favorite time. I can't get him into the water fast enough as he squeals and kicks his legs, making it impossible to undress him. The other pic is just him trying to show off his tear and rip skills with his new set of teeth. I think we're working on tooth 7! We've been having PT come out and work with Braden...he's making good progress with strength and balance. His new trick has been pulling himself to a kneeling position when reaching into his toy basket. We just lowered his crib mattress today just in case he decides to further investigate this pulling-up business :-)

We're anxious for summer to arrive as the weekend gave us a nice taste of beautiful weather. Braden got a few more wagon rides around the yard and a couple of walks around the neighborhood. Tonight it's just mom and him as Daddy had the honor of coaching one of the McHenry County All-Star teams tonight. Unfortunately, the late night game didn't jive with Braden's schedule :-(

That's all folks! Thanks for checking in on us!
Love, Steph, Rich, and Braden
P.S. from Braden - no, Grandma Patsy, that's not squash on my face...I've got a chapped chin :-)


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