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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Busy Week!

Hello all,

This week was quite busy for the Petska's, so not many new photos taken. We've been working hard on finalizing the charity outing and getting the registration packet all put together. We've put the lodging accommodations on the charity webpage (

We made a quick CHW run this week to pick up Braden's blood pressure med - long story, but we usually don't have to drive to get them :-) After the med pickup, we were able to stop by the Slagers to see Super Sam and his mom & dad. Sam is as cute as ever and is doing very well. Mr. Braden, however, decided to practice his grizzly bear growl and scared Sam - I hope he lets Braden come over and play again soon. Actually, we're hoping to get a zoo visit in this summer with Sam and his parents. We're quite lucky to have met some wonderful, supportive people along our journey :-)

Braden is on the move, crawling, climbing, and trying to get his hands on anything/everything he's not supposed to. He was at his first Milk Days in Harvard yesterday and hammed it up with everyone. The best is when you go and get him from his walk in his room and he sqeals real loud like we just caught him doing something naughty. Sometimes he'll jump or flop down onto his crib mid-squeal trying to hide from us....really cute. He keeps saying "mama" but no "dada" - which is fine with me :-) Grandma's last day is tomorrow as I'm done with school for the summer. Rich is out on Wednesday. I know Grandma is going to miss seeing her lil' buddy everyday.

Here are some pics from playing with Super Sam. The other pic is of Braden trying to bring back the mo-hawk (with the help of daddy and gel).
Thanks for checking in,
Steph, Rich and Braden


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