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Monday, July 09, 2007

Back from the U.P.

Hello everyone,

--Sorry for the late post. After getting in yesterday from your trip, we were too pooped to blog! Braden had a lot of fun up north, and once again experienced many new things. Braden enjoyed his first Munising 4th of July and met many new people...he didn't, however, care for the sirens and truck horns in the parade :( He got to experience fresh Lake Superior White Fish ( I know some of you are drooling at the thought of eating this U.P. delicacy), and Grandma's famous homemade baked beans. One of the pics shows just how delicious they were! Braden was also given his first Grand Island boat tour. He wasn't too fond of the life vest or the fact that he couldn't eat the sand off of the boat floor. After the boat ride, daddy dipped Braden's feet in the water...I think his face says just how cold this water really is :) On Saturday, we helped G'ma and G'pa LaCombe celebrate their 35th wedding anniversary....whoo-hoo!
--This week, "B" goes to see G'ma Lois as mom is taking a class and dad is hosting a b-ball camp. G'ma Lois was definitely having Braden withdrawls.
--Braden continues to amaze us everyday as he is so full of spunk and energy. I've never seen a kid get so excited when he knows A.) he's going to eat or B.) we're going to read him one of his favorite books. We've even started calling him a lil' scavenger as he'll race to crawl across the room squealing the entire time when he sees you with a plate of food...this is after he's already been fed. He also wants to explore everything he can get his hands on, so he definitely keeps us on our toes. Oh, and I think we have another top tooth coming in...this makes 9. 9 teeth? Seriously, I have yet to meet another kid his age or even older who has that many teeth....unreal!
--Thanks for those of you who have been praying for lil' Gabe. Unfortunately, his surgery was postponed until this Thursday, July 12th. Please keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers as he endures his 3rd open-heart surgery (the Fontan). He's having this done at CHW. Also, I told you when the arrival of baby Maddison would be...she's here! She was born this morning at 6:30a.m. I will hopefully have more good news on these two kiddos when we blog next.
--Keep on sending in those registration forms. We're almost 1 month away from this exciting event!
Have a great week,
Love Steph, Rich, and "B"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

First off, what a pleasure too finally meet lil brads..He really is amazing and so darn funny..the faces are just too much!
What great pictures you put up...I am sitting here laughing out loud at how funny he is, especially the bean picture!! :)...Again so great to see all of you..have a great week and we love ya lots
the heiss family

8:11 PM  

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