Baby Braden Petska

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Happy Sunday!

Hello everyone,
--Once again...another busy week, and I can't believe it's Sunday already as I sit and update the blog. Mr. "B" was a bit under the weather earlier this week....a little virus causing fevers, messy poops, and a different side of "B" we're not used to. We knew when he'd just sit on our laps, chill, and put his head on our shoulder that something wasn't quite right. No need to Wednesday he was himself again, tearing up the place :) We did bring him to the pediatrician to check out this virus just to be safe, and we found out that Braden now weighs a whopping 25lbs. What? How did that happen? He just weighed 21 last month...Rich and I are shocked! He does love his homemade mac'n' cheese :)

--We had the Stankovich family from MI over for an overnight visit on Thursday/Friday. Sydney and Nick enjoyed playing with Braden, and he got to open his first birthday gift...thanks guys! Braden also got to enjoy his first luau on Saturday at the Braden's (yes "Braden" is a family name - this is where his name originated from).

--It's amazing how everyday I can find something new to share about Braden - he's growing so fast. His latest is saying "moo" when we ask what the cow says. He's trying to say kitty, but just gets a spitty kkk-kkk out. He also tries to say "fish" when Rich shows him the fish in our tanks. He still does the piggy nose and upside down Braden on command. He's definitely Mr. Brave as he climbs and pulls up on everything....daddy's not too happy though when he uses leg hair to help pull himself up to daddy.

--Just two weeks away from our first annual golf outing fundraiser....we're so excited to share this experience with so many people. A big thanks to those who are helping out our charity's cause...we wouldn't be here without you. There is still room for more golfers and dinner guests.

--Heart buddy updates: Gabe is still at CHW trying to rid some excess fluid. It was not a pleural effusion, but with fluid comes the tricky party of getting the right medical "cocktail" to "dry" it up. Please pray that he and his family get to go back home soon. Maddison continues to gain weight in the pleasure of her own home. She goes tomorrow for a check-up and gets to see our card, Dr. Cava. There's still no surgery date. Please continue to keep her in your prayers as well as her parents, for their strength and patience. Also, many of you have asked about Sam and Carter...both are thriving :) Yeah!

--Al's Run update: So, there have been a few people who have joined our team and received some pledges....we've almost met our team cool is that! Thank you, thank you for your generosity!
--We got a sad letter in the mail on Friday: The cardiac social worker who worked with us and helped us out a lot, especially in the beginning process of what I call the "fuzzy times," is leaving CHW to pursue another career path. We wish her well as she opens this new chapter in her life, but would also like to let her know how much she will be missed. Good luck Krista...we wish you well.
--Thanks for checking in! Until next week....enjoy these pics of Braden outside today!
Love, Steph, Rich and Braden


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