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Friday, August 24, 2007

Birthday Bash & Making NEW Memories

Hello everyone!
--Midwesterners, is it ever going to stop raining??? Wow, what a soggy, sticky August this has been!

--The pictures posted are of "B" at his birthday party. Since Braden loves music, we went with a Rock 'n' Roll theme with his favorite cartoon cake, The Backyardigans. Braden was a bit overwhelmed with all of the people, and didn't do the cake dive like he did with the cupcake. One of the pics show Braden sharing his favorite ABC book with cousins Chloe and Amy. Another shows him sharing some playtime with cousin Morgan as well. We had a great birthday celebration with Braden, and we thank all of our family who helped us celebrate this milestone!
--Braden updates: Braden weighed in at 22lbs and 30 inches in heigth on Monday. We asked about the slight decrease in weight since last month. It could be anything from a poop (he didn't have last time and/or he did have this time) to the crazy amount of energy he burns everyday moving, moving, moving! She was not concerned and neither are we....he's in the 50th percentile for height and weight and a whopping 75th percentile for his head. He is now dancing, which is hysterical. He has a new little Zebra (thanks to Auntie Marci) that he can ride, but he chooses to hang onto the reigns, flick the music on, and dance (head moves and all). No attempt to walk yet, but he can stand on his own. He's babbling up a storm, and Grandma Lois just taught him where his hair is. When you ask him where his hair is, he'll grab his hair and play with it....too funny!
--Yesterday was a bitter/sweet day for us. It was Rich's first day back to school with kids and my first day back for teacher institute day. The start of last year's institute day marked just 8 hours after Braden entered this world. I was not there (obviously), but Braden's birth was proudly announced to the staff that day. Yesterday also marked a year to the date of Braden's first open-heart surgery - a day we will never forget and always remember as the most precious gift given to him, LIFE. Although, it's hard to say good-bye to "B" again, yesterday was a day we embraced as it marked a true milestone for our family. Rich and I got to start this school year without a heavy heart, praying over a mending one. Instead, we long to see the smiling, happy, dancing, babbling little boy who is thriving and growing everyday.
--AND, so the year-to-date-memories begin. I could go on to let you know that a year from tomorrow morning, his chest was closed....a few days later, extubation #1 was attempted, etc. I won't do this as it takes away from the joy we celebrate with Braden today. We will always remember those precious moments and keep them tucked safely into memory, but sharing them will only be on occasion.
--One more thing....another we proudly remember everyday....the overwhelming amount of support we received. We will alway be grateful for you and your generosity, thoughts and powerful prayers. Thank you, thank you!
Love, Steph, Rich, and Braden
PS.. Sorry blog-a-holics, but with a highly-energized one year old, we can no longer promise weekly postings...we'll try like heck though to post when we can !!!


Anonymous The Braden Family said...

We hope he had a great birthday party! He sure is getting big!!

Love, The Braden's

10:18 AM  

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