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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Good-bye Warm Weather!

Good Evening,
Once again we had another full weekend and have enjoyed making fun, new memories with B this fall. Last fall was such a blur as we lived quietly in our little bubble and didn't venture out much beyond doctor visits. It's been fun decorating this fall, going to pumpkin farms, and making (or buying) B's first Halloween costume.
Saturday we made our way to the annual Edtoberfest. Last year's celebration was a fundraiser for Braden and our family. It was so nice to be able to bring him this year and thank people personally for all that they did for us last year. Sunday was a duo birthday party for our friends, Sydney and Luke. On Monday, Braden got some lovin' from a new little girl, Maddie. Maddie is a little older than Braden, and it was so cute to watch them interact. Speaking of girlfriends, Grandma has been taking Braden to story hour once a week, and he has his eye on a little girl there. Her name is Ella and he gets to go see her tomorrow :)
Braden learned a new word this week - cracker. His version is "caca"....too funny! In the pics below, you'll see him pushing his Pooh cart - he loves pushing this all over the house. He steers it, picks it up and moves it, and practically runs with the darn thing...I'm just waiting for the day he lets go. I know, I know....I may regret saying that.
Prayer request: some of our dear heart friends need your help. Both Maddison and Grayson were released from the hospital last week and readmitted just days later. Please pray for them and their parents - we know how much strength is needed to endure those long hospital stays. Could you also say a prayer for the Yuvenich Family? Judy was a former student and tragically lost her life in a car accident this past weekend. She was only 14 years old. So many heavy hearts are thinking of Judy and her family at this time.
In ending this post, with good news, we want to congratulate the Posey Family on the birth of their baby girl, Sara Aubin Posey! We wish Sam, Carrie, and Sara the very best!
Have a great rest of the week,
The Petska's

Oh darn...wishful thinking on mom's part!

Full of spaghetti!
Spaghetti = an adventure, not just a meal!
Full speed ahead!
I know this oufit is cute mom, but the flashing camera is getting old!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Petska's...We wanted to let you know we think of you all so often. Meeting with you guys was amazing, and gave us even more strength & invigoraion to get through our stays at CHW.

We feel so honored to have received a care-basket from you & your organization. You all have such big hearts! We are so grateful to have met you!

Keeping you in our thoughts always and looking forward to Maddison's healing so that we can get together!

Nicole Watson

4:04 PM  

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