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Saturday, September 15, 2007

We did it!

What do 17,000 people and 45 degree weather have in common? A great combination for the 30th annual Brigg's & Al Run! Yes, it was a bit chilly, but we embraced the cool weather especially since most of our training took place during the hottest summer EVER!! What an awesome feeling it was to be among so many other people who were inspired one way or another to take part in this extraordinary event. We had cheerleaders, a church choir, various bands, spectators, and even bag-pipes to cheer us along. We were able to see so many other teams with pictures and logos on the back of their t-shirts, honoring their loved ones. The hardest ones to see were those who were running/walking in memory of a child. It gets personal and a bit emotional when seeing this. I didn't cry (being the big sap that I am) except I did have tears in my eyes as Katie and I hugged at the finish line. Thanks Katie for running with me rock! Grandma Lois, Rich, and Braden walked the 3 mile course. We ended up running into them when the runners and walkers cool! We had Uncle Larry, Aunt Marlene, and cousin Jesse to help cheer us along...thanks guys! There were festivities afterward at the Summerfest Fairgrounds. With the help of a Superman balloon, we were able to see Superman Sam's team amongst the crowd and wish them luck! Thanks to all of you who graciously donated to our team. As a team total, we raised over $1,000.00...yeah!

Prayer Request: Our new heart buddy, Maddison, will be going in for her first surgery next Monday, September 24th. Please keep her family in your prayers this week as they prepare for her surgery. Please keep Maddison close in prayer on Monday.

Well, it's time to hit the hay....boy are we pooped!
Love, Steph, Rich, and Braden

Now, for the pictures:

Team Braden's Heart of Gold all set to go!

Cousin Katie and myself waiting for the start!

The non-elite (slower) runners start further back :)

A great pic captured by Rich before the start.

A great view of the walkers - check out the sea
of white ahead!

The Finish...under an hour...not bad for rookies!

T-shirts made for our team....thanks Uncle Steve,
Auntie Chris, Auntie Shelly, & Auntie Marci for
making the t's possible.


Blogger Marci said...

Way to go Steph! So proud of you!

9:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow great job to all of you..and the ppl, holy man!! A ton, how nice to see that..Thanks to auntie marci giving me a heads-up on the photos...
How wonderful for braden to see as he grows the ppl that supported this wonderful cause..petskas, you truly are amazing people..
god bless you always!
heiss' family

9:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congrats on working so hard for such a great charity Steph!!! (Great pics Rich.)

Joe, Jen, Coen, and Zach Dacy

8:36 AM  

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