Baby Braden Petska

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Brigg's & Al Run

Hello Everyone,
First and foremost, I would like to thank everyone who supported our team, Braden's Heart of Gold. We raised $2,500 for our team....who-hoo...that is absolutely phenomenal! Thank you, thank you for your generous contributions! It was an amazing day - beautiful weather mixed with an emotional start and finish to the "race." As you can see from the photos, we had a team of 13 runners and walkers. One of the pictures taken was to show the "sea of white" in front of the walkers. My mom took the pic and said there were just as many people behind them. There were approximately 15,000 people there participating. We also ran into one of our nurses, Monica, who took care of Braden during his first surgery recovery. It was neat to run into her and show her how far B has come since she last saw him.

Things here at the Petska household have been going well...busy, but well. We're embracing fall as it is our favorite time of year. Braden has already visited a few pumpkin farms and apple reason we love fall :) Oh, I guess I almost forgot to mention that we are officially dog owners now...yes, for all of you who know me...a dog and myself co-exist in the same household. Can you believe it? We took him in after a family had to move and couldn't take him with. We also inherited his name...Jimminy Cricket. Braden's adores him, Rich is loving the fact that he is a dog owner and well..I'm "surviving" with a dog in my house.

To end tonight's blog, I want to share a sad yet heartwarming story with you. A few months ago we received an e-mail through our Heart of Gold account from a family in North Carolina. They, too, had a child with HLHS yet their son was 9 months old and had never left the hospital. They were preparing for his second surgery, the Glenn, at the time. They contacted us to share their story and to let us know how touched they were by Braden's story and our charity. A few months passed by and we started receiving donations to Heart of Gold on behalf of this little boy. Then, a few days later, a donation came in memory of him. I was in disbelief and sadly found his obituary on-line. The bottom line read: In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to Heart of Gold Charity. Tears flowed from my eyes as I read this. This family, in their grief, was thinking of others and how their gifts could make a difference in others' lives. We have never met them, yet they have definitely made an imprint on our hearts. Please keep Riley's family in your prayers.

Another prayers request. My dear friend Shana has had her cancer come back. She is a brave, courageous young woman and I ask you to please pray for her during this healing process.

Thanks for checking in,
Love the Petska's