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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Thursday's Progress

Good afternoon,
Braden had his echo this morning and will be getting an EKG this afternoon. We haven't received the official report from the echo, but the cardiologist on staff said that from what he saw it looked great. In order to get the best images during the echo, Braden had to be sedated. This threw the eating schedule off a bit and they warned us that he'd be a little sleepy during the day, causing him to eat less. Well, he has surprised us once again....his eating has been great so far, and the nurse who's working with us is very impressed with his eating today.

During rounds, they discussed where Braden is at with eating, weight gain, etc. The nurse practitioner was very pleased at how much he ate yesterday on his own, but he still needs to keep gaining weight in order for them to put a "going home" date on the calendar. He actually lost a smidge of weight from yesterday to today.....he ate enough to stay hydrated, but not enough to gain weight. Hopefully they'll be able to set a home date for us in the next few days.

I'll try to post later tonight on how the day has progressed.

Much love,


Anonymous J. Rog & Kristi said...

We haven't been in here for a look in a while. Sorry to drop off the map! The little guy is looking good. And there's obviously some LaCombe in this guy, as we all know Rich never looked so good. haha. I especially like his Mohawk. I would grow one if I could. best wishes! We're thinking of you guys and your family.

- J. Rog & Kristi

4:17 PM  
Blogger Jodi Ivanchenko said...

I was out of town for work and couldn't check in. I was so excited to get back to a computer and see his progress. I LOVE the updated pictures. He is so cute. I'm so excited that he's doing so well and is getting closer to going home. That is going to be such a wonderful experience for all of you. Can't wait to see you again! Love, Jodi

7:55 PM  

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