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Friday, September 15, 2006

Rough night

Braden had a trouble keeping his milk down last night and kept throwing up. This means that he was getting even less fluid than before. So now the doctors have put an IV back into him to get him back where he should be.

They think that all the problems are because of acid reflux right now. They are switching him from Zantac to a higher dose of Prilosec to combat the reflux. We also have to make sure to keep him vertical after feedings for 45 minutes so gravity can help keep the reflux down.

They really don't know why so many of their heart patients go through this, but it is normal and expected. So now we will keep the IV and the feeding tube in until Monday or Tuesday and see how he does.

Last night was long and stressful. Today will be too, I am glad I am here today, to be here with my family. We were supposed to be getting training for things to do at home during the day today. As long as he continues to take 2 steps forward and only 1 back, we are still making progress, I guess.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

We are praying daily for all of you!

Wayne and Patsy Hiller

1:03 PM  
Anonymous Uncle Lar and Aunt Gooch said...

Braden is in the best possible place he can be in at Children's. I know that you want him to come home so badly, but this way Braden will be on a good "heads-start" before he comes home. Rich, how lucky your family is to have you with them today. Steph, after watching you yesterday with Braden, you are such a good mom -- patient and loving. Braden is so lucky to have both of you. Thanks for sharing everyday with us your hearts and souls. You are in our thoughts, hearts and prayers daily!
Uncle Lar, Aunt Gooch, Katie and Tim

1:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with you daily.

Uncle Pete and Auntie Irma

5:41 PM  
Anonymous Melissa Braden said...

I hope you can feel our arms around the three of you today hugging you. I cannot even imagine the roller coaster you are on right now. Remember the high points and how far you have come. We will pray for Braden's strength. And for both of you too. We love you guys-glad you are there Rich-nothing better than daddy's love.(Besides mommy's :) j/k)

Love, Melissa and Family

5:49 PM  

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