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Thursday, September 14, 2006

The feeding tube is back

Unfortunately the feeding tube had to be run back into his nose and down into his tummy today just as I got here after work. We are trying real hard not to view this as a setback, but as a strengthening precaution. It is kind of similar to when he had to have the breathing tube put back in for a couple of days to get strong enough to come off of it.

So the plan now is to keep giving him his bottle like we have been doing and then what he doesn't eat gets poured into the tube. The big problem, like Steph mentioned before, is that if he doesn't eat enough he will get dehydrated. Dehydration leads to thicker blood and possible clotting of the gortex tubing in his heart and then death. So it goes without say, they want to be as careful as possible. These precautions make them the best at what they do, we totally understand and trust them.

Braden is nowhere close to being in danger. He is still way ahead of schedule and doing great. They have certain goals for the eating program and he was very close to meeting the minimum standards to keep the tube out. He just came up a little short.

So with a couple more days of getting stronger and rehydrated they will pull the tube out and we will try again. The second that someone mentions home we take a step back, that's the way it goes though right? This time when the feeding tube comes out he will surge forward and do well, just like when the breathing tube came out for the last time.

We are so lucky we are where we are at and to be surrounded by the competent professionals that are the best at what they do.



Anonymous The Braden Family said...

We are so proud of your strength and optimism. We love that you keep going and do not lose your faith. Braden is one lucky boy to have you both for parents. We will continue to pray for Braden and his progress. We know that together the three of you will get through this.

Love, The Braden's

7:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, one step forward and one back...but don't give up hope. We sure haven't and are glad that you continue sharing your journey with us. You can do it Braden!

Rich, can you sneak him some Oreo's with that formula? Maybe it'll go down better!

Keep the faith! We are all pulling for you!


Traci, Ray, Rachel and Amy

8:08 PM  

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