Baby Braden Petska

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Thursday's Update

Four weeks old today....phew, where has the time gone? Well, he's being a little stinker again with his eating today. It looks like we'll have to retry the feeding tube to beef him up for a second go around without it. The intensivist who's been following Braden's progress pulled a few strings to let him try ONE MORE feed on his own to see if he improves. The doctor and nurse practioner are not at all discouraged by possibly having to put the feeding tube back in. He's actually doing much better than most kids at this point with his eating. If he does get the feeding tube back in today, we can retry without it this weekend. That still leaves us the early part of next week (MAYBE) to go home. I'm still very optimistic about all of this....although it is disappointing that he may have to get the feeding tube back in for a bit. They're also looking at beefing up his calorie intake per feed, so he'd have to take in less volume each time. Breast milk only has 20 calories, so right now they're fortifying it with formula so he gets 24 calories....they're looking at beefing it up to 27 calories.

I'll post later today to see what the verdict is on the feeding tube. Please keep praying for his strength and endurance during this feeding process.

Love Steph
PS.. JJHS staff, I got your card yesterday...thank you for all of your warm and positive thoughts....I do miss you! I even miss Bruce's good morning messages :-)


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