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Friday, September 08, 2006

Good Morning....

Happy Friday!
It's amazing how fast time flies around here. Braden is continuing to do well on his feeds. He's been taking close to an ounce each time he eats. I just fed him and he only ate about 1/2 an ounce......we contributed it to his sleepiness. He has people in and out of his room all day checking him over, etc.....this morning was pretty busy for him, so he just pooped out a little early. With more and more wires getting detached from Braden, it's getting much easier to pick him up and even change him. Yes, Rich, it's time to start changing the little tyke :-)

Well, one of us will post later this afternoon/evening to fill you in on how things are going.

Love always,


Blogger Cara Rybarik said...

Hey fellow Baby "B",
I too like my sleep. In fact I just got up from a three hour nap!
Well, I just wanted to shoot you some more of the POWER. Soon you'll be eating like I do- a lot!!!!
Power to the B's!
Your bud, Bryce

12:29 PM  

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