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Monday, September 04, 2006

Good Night.....

Good evening,
Braden has had a good day and night so far....he just fell asleep, so it's time for mom to go and crash for the night. Hopefully he'll have a good, restful night....if all goes well and the doctors are happy with his progress he'll get to eat tomorrow morning. They'll start him back on the feeding tube through his nose. We'll find out what's "next" after they start his feeds. We're just so happy to get this far through the day with him breathing on his own.



Anonymous Kathi said...

Steph, Rich and Braden--We are so glad to hear your little man is doing so well---just heard about it the other day and Jamie Hayes sent me this website---Be assured that Braden and both of you are in our prayers and we have nothing but great hopes for your new family!!

Love you,
Kathi, Al and Kids

7:40 AM  
Blogger Joni Peffers said...

Hi all,

We have been following Braden's progress and praying for continued successes.

I hope you have him healthy and home soon. Also, I hope Grma Patsy gets to hold him lots when she can.

Congrats to all.

Steve and Joni Peffers

10:30 AM  

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