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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Another day of rest

We have had company all morning, hence the later than usual update. The RMH computer was messed up too this morning before we came over. (Some of you have probably checked 10 times this morning wondering what was going on)

Things are still going extremely well and he continues to eat. They are looking to take his tube out Monday around mid morning. Hopefully this 3rd time really is the charm. I think now that he has been given real food this will be the difference maker to strengthen his lungs and muscles to be able to stay off the breathing tube. It sounds like if he fails that they will just try again. We haven't been given one of those worsecase scenarios or anything, which is always good.

We will update you later in the day, or if anything changes.



Anonymous The Braden's said...

Hey guys-

We just wanted to thank you for sharing Braden with us last night. He sure is beautiful. It was good to actually see you and see your strength and pride. It is wonderful to know that even through the worst of times we can laugh and share stories together. Please give Braden a kiss from the Braden's. (sounds weird, huh?) We will continue our prayers and support!!!

Love, Ray and Melissa

1:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Glad you are having a good weekend. I'm sure being together is probably the best medicine for everyone. We were happy to hear that Braden continues to gain strength through his feedings. We're looking forward to getting up for a visit soon! We can certainly tell Braden is a cutie from the picture you posted! Our prayers continue for your family.
Love and Blessings,
Lisa & Dennis

7:52 PM  

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