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Friday, September 01, 2006

Friday's News.......11:00am

Braden had a good night and is resting comfortably. He's tolerating his feeds through his ng tube really well, and they keep increasing the amount they feed him. The nurse last night even said he has good bowel sounds (something I never knew you could tell just by giving a listen with the stethoscope (sp?).....interesting)! The doc (one of many we've met) came in and said that Braden's chest X-ray looks great, but they're not going to "yank" the breathing tube just yet. They will probably wait another day....this way he can rest up and beef up before enduring round 3 of extubation.

Things here are going well. Grandma Lois was here yesterday along with Cara and Patty. Rich will be back today around 2:00 for the weekend.


Anonymous The Braden Family said...

Hey guys-

It is nice to see the latest picture of Braden.Of course he is beautiful - have you ever seen his mommy? (Sorry, Rich!) Hopefully, we will see him tomorrow? We cannot wait to see you guys and give you a great big hug!! Our prayers will continue to come your way!

Lots of love,
The Braden Family

11:41 AM  
Anonymous Uncle Lar and Aunt Gooch said...

So glad to be hearing those great updates. We can't wait to hear more good ones. What a beautiful baby, but of course he is, look at his parents! Tim was so happy to be able to see Braden before he heads back to UW-Madison and Katie is excited to be able to see Braden after next week when she heads back to Wisconsin.
Uncle Lar, Aunt Gooch, Katie & Tim

12:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Steph,Rich, And young Braden. Hope things are goig well today. I've been wanting to write you guys but was never properly trained on this web site. We are playing this weekend at Shooters and the Barge Inn as I'm sure you know. Looking forward to coming down there and jamming. Your Mom says you have 5 bedrooms,WOW. The place must be huge. Well take care and we'll talk at you later, love Cuz'n Lou

1:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,
Your updates are so thorough that I feel as though I'm with you. Everything sounds like it is going very well. Remember that this too shall pass. That phrase has helped me through alot of stages in parenting!! Someday this will be a faded memory of Braden's early life. Hang in there! love georgie

4:11 PM  

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