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Sunday, August 27, 2006

The big ole nasty tube is out... 8/27 6pm

Big step today. He passed his test without the breathing machine and had the tube removed about 2pm or so today. The scary part of today has been his withdrawals from the Fentynol drug for sedation. He had the shakes on and off today which was hard to watch.

We actually got to hear a few little squawks today now that the tube isn't muting his vocal cords. It sounds weird that you want to hear your kid cry, but we really never have. He made some noise after being born, when they were cleaning him up but that was about it. He has had a tube rammed down his throat since then. (Remind me about this when he is screaming up a storm at home at 2am some night)

The respiratory therapist comes in and helps him take some deep breaths about every 2 hours. He uses this little mask that pumps some big puffs of air into his lungs. With the trauma that has occurred to his chest and the drain tubes that are still in there he wants to take short, quick breaths all the time.

Steph and I are at the RMH right now for dinner before we head back for the night shift. Thanks for all the emails and posts that you continue to put up and send to us. A lot of you have talked about how strong we have been through this trying time. This has been my mindset since we have received the devastating news last Sat. night, we have to be strong or quit, there are no other choices right now. Sure you are just absolutely crushed when you hear that your son basically has half a heart, and phrases like "multiple surgeries, relatively normal life, and complications."

Sure we draw strength from each other, we always have and will. I ask myself a lot, "How can I not be strong for my little man, when he is so tough day in and day out?" It is so amazing to see this little 8 lbs person be so resilient and tough. When he is like that, how can you quit on him, or not be 110% tough in return for him, and be in his corner and fight right along side him?

I know that everyone that reads this would do exactly the same as we are, you would be strong and you would fight too. I know you would and some of you have already. I don't think Steph and I are superstrong people. We just want our boy to get better and come home and live that "relatively normal life." We would be happy with that.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is great news... We are all keeping you in our prayers. We can understand your strenght..and you are so right, it is the only choice. Thanks for keeping all of us posted. Don't forget to take care of yourselves..

Buster and Cindy

8:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are right, we would all do the same. But I doubt with as much open-ness and heart as you have. The 'normal' in each of our lives is relative. Just think of how bleak things looked one week ago...and now the hope and prayers that have surrounded you along with the fight of your special boy and have brought you to a new 'normal' place. Take care and keep us posted!


Ray, Traci, Rachel and Amy

9:55 PM  
Blogger Auntie Sue said...

I'm sure you'll relish those 2a.m. screaming fits, given all that you've been thru.
Each day seems a bit brighter, doesn't it. Amazing what love can do.

7:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just wanted you to know that we are thinking of all of you and praying that things continue to improve.

Take Care
Jeff, Cheryl, Travis & Tyler Kurth

8:32 AM  
Anonymous said...

Dear Steph, Rich & Braden,
It's so good to know that Braden has come thru the critical stages with flying colors. Believe me, on some level,
Braden knows you are there and draws from your love and strength. Jacqueline still loves to feel a hand on her head - that was the only place there was room to touch her for weeks and her Mom and Dad took turns just doing that. She and her sisters were here for six weeks this summer and she is running around getting into all kinds of impish trouble. Before you know it, Braden will be doing the same and you will feel blessed every day.
My thoughts, prayers and good vibes are with all three of you, Love, Kay Sliter

8:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rich, Steph and Braden-

We are so glad to hear that Braden is improving so well. We are thinking of you and keeping you in
our prayers. I also wanted you to not worry about your students. Things are going great. The students are being very well behaved. Talk to you soon.

Jason & Missy Brincks

10:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rich, Steph and Braden -
I continue to pray and I am so happy to hear all of the improvements the little one has made over the last few days! Take care of yourselves and keep us posted!
Kara and Jared Poynter

11:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can't believe the the stenght you have and yet I know as a parent that it comes with parenthood and love. Your little man will be just fine and you will all be continued to be blessed as you are very special and that little son is also. He is part of your specialness and he is thriving from all of your love and of all those prayers and love from the special family God gave him to.

Thank you for sharing your news with us. We feel so privilged to be albe to ask God for His blessing for Braden and his family. The love that your family generates just keeps going and this is what we do.

God Bless and Keep you all,

8:21 PM  

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