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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Latest Picture of Braden

Those of you that plan on visiting us during our stay can plan on seeing this. Except now he has the breathing tube back in for the next couple of days. I know this may be a little shocking with all the wires and machines, but this is all we have really known. I think it will be weird to see him without all this stuff someday. It will be great though.

I will be heading up to MCH tomorrow afternoon when school is out. We have a 3 day weekend because of Labor Day. It was good to get back to work, but extremely hard to be away from Steph and Braden today. I would like to thank everyone at Harvard for offering so much help and for being so understanding of the situation and long road that the 3 of face. It is very comforting to know that so many people are there for you and your family when an unexpected challenge like this comes up. Thank you so much.

Steph will be posting an update tonight with the latest news.

Thanks for everything,


Blogger Cara Rybarik said...

Rich and Steph,
Your lil' man is simply amazing!
I truly enjoyed meeting him yesterday. I was taken by his strength. He sure is a trooper. You could just see his will to get through all of this. And Steph, well I always knew she was inspirational- but seeing the Mommy in action- well she was meant to be Braden's Mom! Her ability to soothe Braden is so evident. Steph- you are a Super Mom! Rich, boy o'boy does that boy have some height to him! I love all the hair- and it is so dark! He is very, very handsome.
Steph, thanks for allowing me to share your evening with your lil' man. I can't wait until the next visit! PLEASE take care and remember to drink tons of water and eat- and of course sleep- but the later is expected to be few and far between- you are a new Mom!
Love, Cara

11:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Eugene Braden family wishes you all very well. Thanks for all your updates. We'll see him at the next Braden Family Reunion. All of you take care. Love Jan & Jeff Pergande & the whole Braden clan.

4:37 PM  

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