Baby Braden Petska

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Eating Update

Keep sending those prayers....they're working. He started out eating only 20 CCs this morning....then 30....then, with his last feed, he chugged down 65CCs (just over two ounces). We're VERY happy with this and we're hoping that he keeps up the good work!

Grandma Patsy made it down here safe & sound and got to finally hold her grandson......a very precious sight.

We'll either post later tonight or tomorrow morning on how the feeding progress is going.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Continuing to wish you lots and lots of luck with the feeding!! We've lived through 4+ years of tube feeding Ryen and its no fun, so keep eating up little man!!

Amanda Fischer
mom to Ryen, 4 years, HLHS

5:21 PM  
Anonymous "Great" Aunt Pam & Ted said...

Steph & Rich, It is great that your mom made down and got to hold him, how excititng! I am so glad he is eating better this afternoon, it probably took him a minute to figure out "hey I'm hungry, that stuff isn't so bad." he is doing great and so are his mom and dad. Steph what a beautiful entry yesterday, thank you. I bet he has the cutest smile! As parents you will never get tired of seeing that.
Hugs and Kisses to all 3 of you.

5:32 PM  
Blogger The Hall's said...

Keep chug a lugging Braden!!

Chris, Justin, Dakota and Katlyn

5:37 PM  
Anonymous The Braden Family said...

Great news....Braden does infact take after his mom and not his dad!We are so happy to hear the great news! Hi Patsy-Congratulations on holding your new little grandson. I am sure it was worth every minute of the wait!We will continue to cheer Braden on. Remember this when he is 16 eating you out of house and home!

Lots of smiles,
Ray, Melissa, Justin and Jonah Braden oxoxoxoxo

7:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For every step forward there are always two steps back. He however doesn't let it keep him down for long. Thank goodness Grandma Patsy came down to hold him!! I'm sure it was just what he needed - as well as her!! Rich as long as you Steph guide him in the food/eating department things will all work out fine. Glad to hear he is "chuggin" just like his mom.
Can't wait to see him in Twin Lakes.
Fran, Jim, Hailee and Sheridan

8:58 PM  
Blogger Cara Rybarik said...

Hey Baby "B",
Good, you got the message that our Baby B sent you! He told me that he was sending you the "Milk is good!" vibe. Great to hear your "chugging" along...
Can't wait to see you again,

9:49 PM  
Anonymous Patricia Cornish-Hall said...

What wonderful news. He'll really enjoy that milk when he gets to have one of Grandma Patsy's cookies with it. Yeah Braden, way to go. Keep up the good work little buddy.

Grandma Patsy, your glow is so bright, I'm seeing it in our sky tonight. Can't imagine how you felt when you held him for the first time.

Stephie, what a touching blog the other night. Sometimes it is difficult to put feelings into words and you did it so eloquently. Thank you again for sharing with us. It means so much.

You are all in my thoughts and prayers daily.

Love ya,

11:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's great to hear how your little (big) man is doing. As we were doing our regular check of your blog a ped was watching us and when he heard about Braden, he said that just yesterday he did a school physical on a 5 yo boy who had the same surgery as Braden is going thru and you couldn't keep him down. Very active and extremely bright. Reading already. Thought you'd be interested. As always, you all continue to me in our prayers. Anne

11:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi to the three of you and especially, Gramma Patsy! She must have been excited to send out the same e-mail 6 times, each 2 minutes apart. Steph, I just read your e-mail from the other day and I cried again. What a lucky baby to have you and Rich for parents. With the strength that you two have, it's no doubt that he has that times 2. And, Steph, I've seen you chug-a-lug a few, so if he's taking after you, he'll be home in no time! Much love, Cousin Bonnie

3:45 PM  

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