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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

So long feeding tube!

Braden got his feeding tube pulled out just before his 10am feed. He took almost his entire bottle by mouth, and he's hanging out right now with G'ma Lois. He's really alert and very comfortable. We are SO, SO happy about how the morning is going so far. Thank you for continuing to keep Braden in your prayers - like I've said before and will continue to say..."The power of prayer is amazing."

G'ma Patsy and Auntie Marci will be coming to visit this weekend. Auntie Marci hasn't seen Braden since he's been out of the PICU. Heidi and Christian are taking the ferry over Lake Michigan and will get to meet Braden for the first time today :-)

They haven't set a "home" date for us yet, but we know it's getting closer. They will be doing his echo tomorrow....this is one big step before they send us home...they check to make sure everything is a-okay with the heart before he is discharged. We're also learning how to weigh him and how to check is O2 saturation with the pulse ox that we'll be taking home with us.

Thanks again for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers everyday.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great news to hear the continuing progress Braden is making. He has come so far over these past few weeks. He has to keep that forumla down to keep that belly full and the feeding tube out, hopefully he has come to realize that it tastes much better going down than coming up :)
Auntie Marci is coming down to wrap her arms around her little nephew, it will be hard for anyone else to get a turn holding that sweet thing, she will spend every moment with him. She has been waiting for this day!!!
Braden stay strong, I am sure mommy and daddy have a comfy room waiting for you, keep eating well and keep those dirty diapers coming and it won't be long before you get to spend your first night at home with mom and dad.
Our thoughts and prayers continue to come your way.

-God Bless-
Carrie Nettleton

12:19 PM  
Anonymous Patricia Cornish-Hall said...

WAY TO GO BRADEN! ! ! ! Keep up the good work sweetie pie.

Warning Mum and Dad - with Grandma Patsy, Auntie Marcy, Christian and Auntie Heidi - it will be a challenge to get to him. hee-hee-hee. He deserves all that lovin attention.

So glad to hear the great news and continued progress.


Love, prayers and good thoughts,

1:53 PM  
Anonymous Jan Iselin said...

Great news! Every morning I look for your blog. Hugs and prayers for Braden, and his mom and dad.

8:49 AM  

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