Baby Braden Petska

Sunday, September 17, 2006

One Month Old

Today marks Braden's one month of his nurses even made a cute little sign and hung it from his crib :-) So far, he's doing great with his feeds. We've fed him 3 times today, and he has taken down a little over an ounce each time on his own.....without one urp! He also seems much more comfortable after he eats. He's taking about an ounce much quicker than he has ever before, so we're hoping that in the next few days he'll build enough endurance to take much more on his own. Rich and I are going to go have some dinner before he leaves for the night.

I'll post tomorrow sometime.


Blogger The Hall's said...

Glad to hear everything seems to be going smooth today! Positive thoughts going your way!

Rich-I think with Braden being such a Bear backer he may be their good luck charm this year. Good job Braden!!!

Go Bears!!!

7:41 PM  

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