Baby Braden Petska

Monday, January 07, 2008

Happy New Year!

Extra Cheese!!

Did someone say Santa?

Who me...Mr. Innocent?

Yo-Ho-Ho Papa Greg!

Hanging with his favorite Auntie!


Don't worry....I can still sport a mean piggy face!

No comments Bears fans!

Mr. Ham "pretending" that he's tired!

Yes, B, you're truly "One of a Kind!"

Been a while since we blogged, but the holidays and Braden definitely have had us on the run!

We spent Christmas in Yooperville and had a great time. Braden definitely got spoiled by G'ma and Auntie Marci with all of his cool presents. We got to see a lot of family and friends and had some good down time while we were in town.

Braden right now is momentarily in the really fun exploratory, learning stage. Everything is exciting to him and holds his attention for quite a while. We do see glimpses of the next stage starting to show up. For example, taking things he shouldn't have and running from room to room closing the doors behind him. Throwing things in the garbage that don't go there, and the ever exciting, saying NO. Oh we have heard about how much fun that will be!

Things he is doing now: still really into books (we have to read almost all of them everyday), starting to do puzzles over and over again, torturing the cat, building with blocks, pulling up his shirt to show people his freckle on his tummy and then the one on his leg, ripping some serious dunks on the mini hoop downstairs, and of course playing with his truck-as.

New things he is saying: hot, apple, pizza, uncle, tickletickle, booka for book, down, up, MElmo for Elmo, more, NO, t-ank ooo, foooo ball, cheerio, mil for milk.

Love Rich and family
PS. We managed to escape a few tornadoes today - one touched down in the town I teach in (just after school) another touched down just minutes away from our house....pretty darn scary!


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