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Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Enjoying the snow!

Mr. Silly!

Slam-Dunkin' Sam!

We weren't torchering the cat...honest!

For those of you checking in to see how Monday went, it all went very well. Dr. Cava was very pleased with how Braden looked and sounded (heart-wise). His O2 sats were surpisingly in the low 90's (they're typically in the mid-80's). This is something Dr. Cava is "chalking" up as possible collaterals. To my understanding these are "phantom" veins that form when blood flow is restricted in certain areas. Typically, they bring O2 sats down, but in Braden's case it's helping. Now, this is all speculation...we really won't know until his next heart cath which will be before his Fontan (next summer). The longest part of the day is when we were about to head home. B and I were all bundled up waiting for Rich to swing by the skywalk entrance to pick us up. Well, Rich comes back with no car. For the next hour, he begins to search for the car, positive that is has now been stolen. Believe it or not, this parking garage can be a bit tricky if you don't pay close attention to what level you've parked on. After the embarassment wore off (yes, Rich found the car with help from Security), we were on our way home. While B and I were waiting for Rich to find the Suby, we sat on a bench in the skywalk. It was so hard to "people watch" as every passer-by was a mystery...why are they here? are they a parent coming to visit their child? are they longing to be "visitors" just like we longed to be over a year ago? And the thought I didn't want to enter came to mind....what will it be like when we come back for the next surgery? I immediately had to concentrate on something else as tears welled up in my eyes. I can't even begin to go there! I just kept thanking the Lord above for all that he has blessed us with. We are so very thankful for this little life who has taken a firm grip on our hearts and changed our lives forever.

On another positive note, we were able to donate our first 20 gift bags to heart families staying at CHW. It took a little longer than expected to coordinate the donation process, but it's all coming together. Yeah! We can't wait to continue to share this experience with you!

I hope to post pics tomorrow or this weekend. We had Super Sam and his mom over Sunday before the Packer Game (no comment on the game). It was the first time I had seen Braden acknowledge another little person his age in the same room. They chased each other (and the cat), shared, and even laughed at each others funny quirks.....there were definitely some special moments shared that day.

That's all....
Have a great week!
Love, The Petska's


Blogger Carla said...

I spy with my little eye, two cute little boys, a cat and a sock monkey!!

Good to hear B's check up went so well. Rich's parking adventure sounds like an episode of Seinfeld, but without an air conditioner and a goldfish ;)

Hugs all around, hope to see you soon :)


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