Baby Braden Petska

Monday, December 04, 2006

Monday's Update

Braden is downstairs having his echo done right now. Hopefully they can use this echo for his discharge echo as well :-) He got his chest tubes out this morning along with his pacer wires. His pacer wires were put in right after surgery just in case they have to hook him up to the pacer (Braden was hooked up to this just a few nights ago). His heart rate looks great. His oxygen saturation is in the low 80's on a 1/4 liter of O2. It looks like they will try him on room air today. They like his O2 sats in the mid 80's up until surgery 3. Also, as soon as the 4th floor has a room for us, we're there!!!!!! His nurses today say that he's too happy to be in the PICU.....they love seeing such happy post-op babies :-)

Prayer Request: Braden's old roommate, Sam, is having open-heart surgery today. We ask if you could keep Sam and his mom & dad in your prayers today as well. Thanks!

Thanks for surrounding us with your prayers and positive thoughts.
Love, Steph and Rich


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great news all around..Talked to Auntie Marci just alittle bit ago and she said that"he is just so cute and happy." now how many babies do we know that would be so happy after being put through such hurdles?? Amazing!! It just proves what fantastic parents you are (and grandparents play a big part as well)..keeping him in our thoughts and prayers..have a good night
The heiss family

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