Baby Braden Petska

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Saturday Morning Update

Things are continuing to go smoothly with Braden's recovery. They pulled his middle chest tube this morning, but they want to keep his two side ones (pleural) in. They're giving him some lasix (sp?) to help dry out his chest. They're is still a little bit of drainage coming from his pleural tubes, so they're going to keep those in for a bit longer. We missed rounds, so we're not sure what the time frame is on getting us on up to the 4th floor. He got his art line out yesterday while I was updating the blog. He's resting comfortably now. He finally started talking to us last night with a few partial smiles. I think he's starting to finally forgive us for bringing him here :-)

We'll post later today with any updates.
Thanks for checking in,
Love Steph


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