Baby Braden Petska

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Saturday Night

So far Braden has tolerated all of his feeds and we're almost to where he was a few days ago in terms of volume intake. Tomorrow we hope to have more answers to our questions on the situation. We did not get to see Dr. G. today, and she is the one we need to speak to to get all of our questions answered. All we know is that the pylorus muscle at the bottom of his stomach is inflamed....why, we're not sure. They're not sure if it's viral (they're keeping an eye on his temp)or if it's inflamed due to his high caloric diet and the 1/4 tablet of aspirin he is on. Hopefully these questions will be answered tomorrow. As far as this being common in kiddos...I'm not quite sure. If something like this happened in a "typical" baby, they may be able to just ride it out. Because of the situation Braden is in, having simply the sniffles could set him back a day or two or even a week.

Well, we're off to RMH to get some sleep.

Steph and Rich


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