Baby Braden Petska

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Tuesday's Update

Good morning,
Braden seems to be much more comfortable now. He finally pooped this morning, so that has helped with his comfort level. His belly was so bloated, and he was so uncomfortable all night. He would sleep only 10-15 minute intervals and wouldn't take anything to eat. He seems more himself now and is sleeping comfortably as I write. I'm not sure when we'll be able to leave today. A few things need to happen first: he needs to eat and be weened from the oxygen. He's almost to room air, and his sats are behaving better this morning, so hopefully he'll be off the O2 soon. I'll keep y'all posted. The docs or PNPs haven't stopped in yet this morning, so I may know more after talking with them. According to the cardiologist who did his heart cath., it looks like Braden was just a little over-sensitive to the anesthesia, leaving him uncomfortable and feeling yucky! Hopefully we're over the hump and it will be smooth sailing from here.

PS....the nurses who took care of Braden couldn't get over how big he is getting. He got a few of his favorite nurses to come and visit him last night....he's quite the little charmer :-)


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