Baby Braden Petska

Monday, November 06, 2006

Braden Update

Well, Braden's heart cath. and echo was moved to today. We found out Friday that there was an opening, so we took it. The heart cath. was a bit more invasive than we thought (or had been prepared for). It's a surgical procedure, so he got anesthesia and was intubated. Everything looks great. His pulminary arteries look great, and there is no narrowing of his shunt or the area around it.....all great news. Although all is well with his heart, his body is still recovering from the anesthesia. He's feeling yucky, quite cranky, and his O2 sats aren't cooperating. So, we're staying the night! Right now he's on IV fluids, a titch of oxygen, and is being monitored (heart rate and O2 saturation).

Well, I must sign off now. I'm staying in Braden's room with him tonight.....looks like furry teeth and bed head for me as I was not prepared to stay the night. Actually Grandpa Harvey hooked me up with a t-brush, t-paste, and comb. Thanks Grandma Lois for staying with us all day :-)

Good night,


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