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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Wednesday's Update

Hello all,
Braden is doing much better today. They did a chest X-ray on him this morning (not the best thing to witness as a parent), and it looks like the upper right lobe of his lung is collapsed. They've been doing some breathing treatments to try and open it back up. His sats have improved, so the breathing treatments have helped some. The lung collapse is due to him being put on the breathing tube for his heart cath. The intubation/extubation process was a little more than his little body and lungs could take. They want to keep us here one more night (hopefully). Braden may have to go home on oxygen, and it's very typical for HLHS kiddos to have to go on oxygen before their Glenn (2nd surgery)....we're reallying hoping that's not the case with Braden. Dr. Ghanayem came and spoke with me 2 is scheduled for November 29th.

That's all. I'll post later tonight/tomorrow with another update.
PS...this pic was taken by Auntie Marci during her visit with us this past weekend.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

His strong spirit is shining thru in this photo, good capture Aunt Marci!
Although the hospital is no fun.. the little bugger is in good hands and they are making sure he is healthy as he can be for the time.. so think positive.. stay strong!
We will keep you in our prayers as always.

Carrie Nettleton

9:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Braden has show that he is a fighter think positive. Our prayes are with you always
Lots of love Uncle Pete and Auntie Irma

P.S.He is sooooo cute.

12:03 AM  
Anonymous Uncle Lar and Aunt Gooch said...

The picture of Braden is truly a "Kodak moment", and it put a smile on OUR faces. And you can see the twinkle in his eyes! I am sure that Braden just missed all his fans at the hospital and wanted to visit and have a slumber party. You are in our thoughts and prayers every single day.
Uncle Lar and Aunt Gooch

7:03 AM  
Blogger Cara Rybarik said...

Hey Bud,
Wow! What a wonderful pic.
Our thoughts and prayers are with you and that lil' fighter. Bryce can't wait for him to get all better so they can play together. I bet when were out, people will think yours is mine and mine is yours! :)Miss ya.
Love, Cara

11:09 AM  

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